The Foolproof Diet
The Perfect Weight-Loss Plan
That Works Every Time

This is the diet plan you have been waiting for. Now at last you can lose weight effortlessly, quickly, and safely.

arrow No diet pills, no special medication, no counting calories, no exercise routines.

arrow Never go hungry - enjoyable and easy to follow - stay slim for the rest of your life.

arrow A revolutionary new diet plan that will change your life forever.

Once you see this you will never need or want another diet book again!

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Astounding new scientific research has revealed a foolproof way to lose surplus body fat that can work for anybody, quickly and easily. This special new way to lose body fat is taking the health industry by storm.

Once you start applying The Foolproof Diet your body fat starts to melt away immediately. Within a few days your clothes become looser, you feel better, and you become healthier.

This is the only way to lose weight quickly, safely and permanently. It never fails to work because it fits in with any lifestyle or dietary preferences and is easy and enjoyable to follow.

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The Foolproof Diet is truly revolutionary because it harnesses the biology of the human body. Instead of fighting the body to lose weight, you get the body to cooperate in losing weight. You do this by tweaking the diet in a very special way. This makes surplus body fat melt away until you reach your ideal weight. There is no mystical element to this, no mind over matter. Everything is based on the biology of the human body, backed up by extraordinary new scientific revelations.

book cover smallThe very latest peer-reviewed scientific research published in mainstream medical journals is proving beyond doubt that there is only one way to lose surplus weight. That way is The Foolproof Diet. The biology and mechanics of the body are the same for every member of the human race. Since we are all the same biologically, there is only one universal way to lose weight, stay slim and remain healthy. There is only one way that works every time, without fail. Now, for the first time ever you can discover the secrets of The Foolproof Diet and become a new slim person.

Once you know the secrets of The Foolproof Diet you will never look back.
A new 'you' will emerge: a slimmer, healthier, more energetic person, better in mind and body.

Women will regain an attractive, slim feminine body, and men will regain a masculine, firm well-formed, body. Your health will improve dramatically, your immune system will grow strong and fight off illness, and you will feel wonderful and full of energy.

If you've ever tried to lose weight you will know that the most common advice is to eat less calories and do more exercise. The advice to eat less and do more is not only wrong, it is counter-productive, it fills people with a false sense of guilt and failure, and it sells diet books that are doomed to fail. Science has now revealed the biggest misconception in the health & diet industry: advice to eat less and do more is wrong and counterproductive. Equally, advice to eat in special complicated ways to speed up your metabolism never work long-term.

Get The Foolproof Diet now and discover astonishing new facts that will turn your life around. This book reveals in easy-to-follow steps exactly how to lose weight without going hungry, without exercising to exhaustion, and without counting calories or following complicated meal menus.

This book explodes the myth that to lose weight you must eat less and exercise more. The only way to lose surplus body fat and stay beautifully slim is by following the unique scientific method revealed in The Foolproof Diet. This is the only weight loss method that never fails to work.

The Foolproof Diet is a book for everybody - for people of any age, gender or medical condition, and for anybody with special dietary or cultural food requirements.

Forget short-term yo-yo dieting, this never works. Forget set meal menus designed for weight loss, forget complicated dietary and exercise regimes, forget weight loss surgery - none of these work permanently and safely.

Did you know that fat tissue makes people want to eat more? When you restrict calories and food intake you impose intolerable stress on the body which in itself is bad for health.

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Nobody can ignore the body's constant demand for food on a restrictive diet. You might manage for one week, but not for months and years on end. When you starve the body you make the body want to store even more fat than before. Over 99.9% of people who lose weight through calorie and food restrictions eventually bounce back to their original weight and end up even heavier than before!

The Foolproof Diet works without fail because:

tick It's easy and simple to follow.
tick It fits in with any lifestyle, culture or dietary requirement.
tick It works straight away which keeps you motivated.
tick It exploits the body's own biology to lose weight in a way never seen before.

The Foolproof Diet is unlike any other
diet plan because:

tick It does not restrict food consumption, so you never go hungry.
tick It does not impose exhausting exercise regimes.
tick It does not provide set food menus - this never works.
tick It does not involve any gimmicks, diet pills, medical procedures, hypnosis, colonic irrigation or detoxification.

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The Foolproof Diet is based on a revolutionary and unique method that produces dramatic weight-loss results the moment you start to follow it. People with medical conditions such as diabetes or inflammatory illness will benefit enormously from this diet program. Equally, people who are fit and healthy will find The Foolproof Diet indispensable because it enables the body to achieve the best possible level of fitness and health.

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This is a diet plan for all walks of life whatever your medical condition, gender, weight, or state of health. As soon as you adopt The Foolproof Diet you will realize that you will never need to read another book about weight loss and you will never need to worry about your weight again. The Foolproof Diet will change your life and send you in a wonderful new direction. When you become slim and your health improves, your life undergoes a dramatic change for the better - this is priceless.

People who read The Foolproof Diet say they wish they had seen this book years ago. But years ago this publication did not exist; The Foolproof Diet is based on the latest scientific discoveries which have at last revealed exactly how best to lose weight whatever your circumstances.


rainbow arrow The one thing you absolutely must do to conquer weight loss. No human being can lose surplus body fat unless they know this secret. 99.9% of diet plans fail because of this. Once you know this secret you will never be over-weight again.

rainbow arrow Two critical foods you must never eat if you want to be slim and healthy. These two common foods are consumed by most people on a daily basis and they have nothing to do with sugar, fat or salt. Avoid these two harmful foods and you're on your way to a slim body and good health. Avoiding these two foods is very easy and does not involve any kind of food deprivation.

rainbow arrow A special kind of super-food that greatly promotes weight loss and good health. Discover this food and experience a dramatic improvement in health and well-being. This special super-food has an extraordinary ability to promote weight loss and you will never want to be without it. It is very economical to buy and easy to obtain (one of the best kept secrets in the food industry!).

rainbow arrow Why the body fat around your midriff is virtually impossible to shift whatever you do. Women tend to put on weight around the hips and thighs, men around the abdomen. No amount of dieting or exercise will get rid of this body fat. But now it is easy to shift this stubborn body fat when you apply The Foolproof Diet.

rainbow arrow Why some people are naturally slim whatever they eat! The Foolproof Diet reveals why this is so and how you too can be naturally slim. Do not believe the myth some people are naturally slim because they expend energy fidgeting - this is not so. Once you adopt The Foolproof Diet you will stay slim effortlessly.

rainbow arrowAn extraordinary new discovery that reveals a direct link between diet and dementia. The latest research is showing that diet is the biggest cause of dementia (apart from the natural aging of the body). The Foolproof Diet is the perfect diet to combat dementia - find out why.

rainbow arrowThe Foolproof Diet is medically proven to work without fail - it is the safest, easiest way to lose weight permanently. As soon as you start applying The Foolproof Diet you will notice a dramatic difference to the way you feel, and soon (within a few days) you will begin to see a steady, consistent weight loss. This is real, permanent weight loss of surplus body fat - not a temporary weight loss of water retention.

rainbow arrow If you have tried to lose weight using a variety of diet plans but never succeeded, you will know how frustrating this is. Many lives and relationships are blighted by obesity - don't let this happen to you. Once you start using The Foolproof Diet you will be astonished at how effective it is. The genuine loss of surplus body fat is a truly life-changing experience.

rainbow arrow Why most types of exercise promoted by health gurus and diet books have got it wrong. Discover the best way to be physically active that will make you lose the most weight and yet is the least tiring.

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This is what happens when you lose weight:

Apart from looking slimmer, your health will improve immeasurably: you will feel better mentally and physically; you will be more energetic; you will feel calmer and be more clear-headed; you airways will clear and you will not be so breathless; you will sleep better; you will keep coughs, colds and illness at bay, plus many other health improvements. The health benefits that accrue as a result of losing excess weight are well known to medical science, including the avoidance of serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer to name but a few.

Many people are astonished at how effective The Foolproof Diet is when it comes to weight loss. The latest scientific discoveries about weight loss are not widely known yet. Because of this virtually all diet plans and books are based on outdated ineffective methods when it comes to lasting, healthy weight loss.

book cover SYou can download this quality book right now. You owe it to yourself to protect your good health and the health of those who are close to you by losing harmful excess weight. But best of all, you owe it to yourself to live life to the full without the blight of surplus body fat.

The Foolproof Diet is changing people's lives right now - don't be left out. The small cost of just $14.70 will be recovered 'a million fold' from the priceless improvement in health and weight loss.

'My life is changing - thanks a million' Karen H, USA

Don't be deceived by the low price - this is a thoroughly researched, top quality publication written by an expert in this field. Remember, it's the only publication in the world that shows a truly unique way to lose weight that works every time, based on the latest scientific research.

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When you get The Foolproof Diet you will have in your possession invaluable information that will stay with you for life. You will join a growing number of people who are discovering a fabulous feeling that comes with knowing you're on the road to a slim body and this time nothing can hold you back. This kind of knowledge is absolutely priceless.

When you go out and see overweight people you will think: "if only you knew what I know, you wouldn't be overweight". Nobody is overweight because they over-eat or because they are lazy. Nobody should feel guilty at being overweight! People are overweight because up till now the special knowledge showing a foolproof way to lose weight has not been available. But now at last you can get this invaluable knowledge in The Foolproof Diet and change your life forever.

This is a truly life-changing book that you can download
in a few moments from now for just $14.70.
Then, from the privacy of your computer you can read it anytime or print it.

Don't waste another minute - claim your copy now and get two magnificent free bonuses.
These bonuses may be changed or withdrawn at any time, so don't delay:

Bonus # 1:
The Untold Truth
About Probiotics

What probiotic retailers
don't want you to know

Discover why 90% of the money you spend on probiotic supplements is money down the drain. Find out what really works.

This book explodes the myth that commercial yogurt and probiotic drinks are beneficial. Learn the shocking truth and discover the perfect low-cost way to get super healthy probiotics.


Bonus # 2:
Cancer Biology
Causes, treatment & prevention
This extraordinary book is by the highly acclaimed Dr Matthias Rath, a pioneer in cellular medicine and author of several ground-breaking medical books.

Discover why most types of conventional treatment of cancer fail and how best to avoid cancer in your life. This unique book reveals the latest research showing why a particular low-cost supplement that can be bought just about anywhere drastically reduces the risk of cancer (Pills that make you taller! is all you may need!).


Note: The Foolproof Diet (and bonuses) are supplied as PDF files for easy reading and printing, and are suitable for PC's or Mac's.

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