The 3 Day Diet Plan

The Three Day Diet Plan (also known as the Three Day Tuna Diet) is a fad diet that appeals to many people with a promise of instant weight loss.  The Three Day Diet Plan is based on following a low calorie diet of set menus for three days.  The set menus include tuna, hence the name Three Day Tuna Diet.
This diet does not work, and is counter-productive – it will actually make you put on weight.  Here is why:

The Three Day Diet Plan makes your body lose water temporarily.  So you think you’ve lost weight but it is not so.  As soon as you come off the diet the body will quickly regain the lost weight by re-assimilating fluids into the tissues.  It is biologically impossible to lose surplus body fat in 3 days.
Furthermore, by restricting calories for three days you slow down your metabolism and make the body conserve fat from the food you eat.  When you come off the diet, the body’s metabolism will continue to stay slow for awhile, thus making you store more body fat (from the food you eat) than before you went on the diet.
The kind of yo-yo dieting promoted by the Three Day Diet is not only useless and counter-productive, it can actually be dangerous because of the diuretic effect of dehydration. 

Please see below for a truly effective diet that is easy to follow, completely safe, and works every time.

The Foolproof Diet
The Perfect Weight-Loss Plan
That Works Every Time

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Last Post (I think)

This is the last post on this site. My new blog is here. If you want to keep up with the haps of Shane then go to my new blog. If you link to me then please, please take a moment and update your links with my new address.

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Beautiful Goan Beaches in India

Wonderful deposed European royalty - stories about Studio 54 and Xenon included. She knew everyone, Carmine D'Alessio, Sterling St. Jacques, Bianca and all the rest. Those 32 months of drug soaked hedonism were as fresh in her mind as yesterday. She told me how much coke she used to snort and who she used to sleep with. Parties at Halston's... She's an amazing women with a stud of an Italian boyfriend half her age. We spoke mostly in French with a little English thrown in.

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We've got a major ant infestation in our kitchen now, and that blows because the Good Doc is leaving tomorrow to see his family for Thanksgiving and I'm leaving Wednesday. So there will be no one here to meet the exterminator, who visited last month but it's obviously now time for another.

In place of an official visit from Orkin I've placed little plastic ant traps in strategic areas of the kitchen and the ants seem to love them. I mean they're literally swarming these things yet strangely I've yet to see a diminishment in their numbers.... It would be just our luck to have been invaded by the new super insecticide-resistant species of ant.

Again I'm jet-lagged, blogging at almost 3:00 AM. Lame.

Check out my new site and let me know your feedback. The guy I've hired is doing a bang-up job and soon it will be time to migrate this site over.

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